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Vaquez-Laubry - Classic 518 002

Modernity and tradition combined. Almost an icon. The most famous of the Vaquez-Laubry®. Available with strap or velcro fastener, in 3 colours and 3 sizes. Poly Cotton cuff with full-grain leather manometer holder. Large inflation bulb. Supplied in a nylon pouch.

Vaquez-Laubry - Hospital 518 612

The most popular sphygmomanometer in hospitals. 
Available with straps or velcro fastener, in 2 colours and 3 sizes. Supplied in a carton box (pouch bag optional).

Pressure Infusion Cuff-Poche Press 528 102

Pressure infusion cuff. For blood and serum bag pressure transfusion and infusion. Not subject to contamination by blood. Made of ultra-resistant polyamide. Shockproof manometer (complies with standard 81060-1 chap 6.4).

Maxi+2 - Multi Sopport 522 001

Large dial diameter Ø 167 mm. Suitable for reading from any angle. Cuff basket. Spiral tubing, extendable up to 3 metres. Nylon cuff with quick coupling.

Professional Electronic BPM es-60     550 600

Professional digital blood pressure monitor. The ES-60® professional digital blood pressure monitor is optimised for use in private practices, for semi intensive or occasional use in hospitals. BHS A/A approved. Large backlit screen. Intuitive. 60 memories. 1,000 reading battery life. Supplied with a battery pack and adapter/charger.

Ophtalmoscope - Vision One 570 000

Excellent luminosity with the Xenon Halogen technology. Easy to use and comprehensive with 5 different diaphragms and offering all standard functions such as the fixation star and green filter. – 20 D to + 20 D correction range. Attachment clip with built-in switch. Comes in a case with two LR6AA batteries.

Mirrors 570 150

Adsjustable headband for all head sizes. Indirect lighting by reflecting mirror. Adjustable beam by rotation of the lamp holder. Built-in battery compartment. Class I Stethoscopes Doppler Clar head mirror Réf : 570 150 Chardon head mirror Réf : 570 260 Sphygmomano- meters Supplied with its transport pouch and two CR123 batteries.

Smartled 570 310

Optical fiber LED lighting. « A light forward » with its LED lamp, diffusing cold, white light, identical to natural daylight. Lightweight and solid, ABS and brass head. Ergonomic ABS grip. Optical fiber for optimal transmission of the light beam. x 3 magnification, aluminium screw cap. Attachment clip with built-in switch. Comes in a case with two LR6 AA batteries, four 2.5 mm specula and four 4 mm specula.

Smartlight 570 510

Conventional lighting. Lightweight and robust, this otoscope is perfect for ENT auscultations especially on the move. The Xenon Halogen Lighting lamp diffuses a concentrated and homogenous light beam (optional LED lamp available). Fitted with an ABS and Brass head, SMARTLIGHT also comes with attachment clip and build in switch LR6 AA batteries included.

Pen Light Litestick

570 600

Lightweight and robust aluminium. Compact and lightweight with aluminium grip. Designed for general auscultation. LED lighting producing cold, white and strong as natural light. Two LR03 AAA batteries and tongue depressor holder supplied.

Doppler 743 301

For prenatal ultrasound and examination of blood vessels. Choose the probes suited to your requirements. Large colour LCD screen displaying heart rate, battery indicator, pulse wave intensity and probe frequency. Supplied with two LR6 AA batteries. Ergonomic angled probes for a comfortable use.


Alcoholic gel ,organic, bactericide, fungicide, virucide Bactigreen contains a minimum of 70% ethanol of organic origin complying with the EN 14 476 norm related to H1N1 virus and the rotavirus, which makes it a major partner in the fight against these epidemics. Bactigreen is the first and only organic and natural hydroalcoholic gel without petrochemical ingredient or allergen. 

Code Conditioning
100 mL bottle - delivered in a pack of 24
G10005 300 mL pump-bottle - delivered in a pack of 12

G10006 500 mL pump-bottle - delivered in a pack of 12

​G10512 1L pump-bottle - delivered in a pack of 12